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Thread: Cross Sizing

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    Cross Sizing

    Hi All

    Just want to satisfy my curiosity. I am not a cross racer but just bought a Colnago Cross bike for general commuting and some variation on my road bike around the local country. Down here in Australia CX bikes are almost impossible to get. The Colnago was actually a demo bought into Australia which obviously didn't sell - hence the price I got it for.

    I was a couple of hundred miles from home when I found the bike and I had to buy without sizing correctly in the shop - didn't have shoes to clip in! It was a great deal - I think, maybe, perhaps!!! My concern is the set up. Seat height, is OK and I think I have the seat / pedal set fine. But the actual top tube is about 2 - 2.5" shorter than my road bike, so I tend to keep pushing back on the seat. I have read they cross frames can be shorter than standard road frames. Is this correct? This frame is much more compact than my road frame.


    PS I really don't have a lot of choice as it is too expensive to give up on - or explain to the wife!!

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    some frames are compact. Looks like Colnago makes a number of compact frames -- found this one on line:

    It's not specific to cross bikes. they do tend to have higher bottom brackets (which should help), but aren't necessarily compact. I have a kona JTS which is square -- 58 seat tube and 58 top tube. With a longish stem it fits me as well as a 60 or 61 roadie would.

    How much length are we talking? Would a longer stem and setback seatpost do the trick? How high is the seat above the bars?

    Edit -- nevermind. 2 inches you can fix with a longer stem and setback seat tube.
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    Quote Originally Posted by warren View Post
    PS I really don't have a lot of choice as it is too expensive to give up on - or explain to the wife!!

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