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    Used Tufo Q's...

    I know we've visited this subject before but...

    I recently built a set of wheels and mounted used Prestige tires with tape, the standard tape. I took it easy decending a steep hill, not being sure of the used tires and their adhesion. Sure enough the tire slipped around the rim a bit. I stripped them and cleaned my rims. I GLUED new tires on and want to use the old ones for a spare. Since the tires were used with tape originally, can I clean them enough to use only glue on them? I've worn out a butter knife scraping the excess residue, yet there still remains a bit. Is this a problem? Can I glue them and use them in an emergency just to get home? OH! there are sooo many more questions.

    Thanks in advance,

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    the problem with glue on a tire and using it to as a spare is the glue will dry and you will get limited adhesion. why not carry a tape and the tire?
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