Just tried a set of these and thought I'd give a favorable report. I was looking for a "compromise" tire for my new CX bike that is my all-around daily trainig ride, sport-tourer, and day-trip bike. I wanted something failry road-oriented, but didn't want a striclty road tire as I want the versatility to be able to do the occasional unpaved road/trail.

The Maxxix 35mm Raze tires that came with the bike were nice on trails, but the knobs gave them poor road handling, especialy on turn-in. I then tried some strictly road tires I had lying around (Michelin Pro2) in 25mm wdith and they worked great, but are way too fragile to handle unpaved surfaces. So I tried the Specialized Borough CX Elites in Armadillo version and.... wow. They're absolutely great. Nice turn-in, low rolling resistance at 100 psi, a nice compromise width at 32mm, and some puncture resitance to boot.

They're expensive at $53 each, but tires never seem like the place on a bike to try and save money.

- Mark