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    Geometry questions for a newbie and conversion...

    I know almost nothing about this sport...but find it a really cool alternative to mtn biking for a roadie.

    However, I don't want to spend major $$$ for a new cross bike, I'm waiting for (the stupid driver who didn't stop at a stop sign's) insurance to buy me a new road bike first, but plan on converting an old Trek to make do for a while.

    I have a lugged frame 1988 Trek 400T (originally a triple, although I might make it a double) which I would like to convert. It has a Shimano Deore rear D. which is marked MT (I'm assuming that stands for mountain).

    What type of geometry do I need for a cross bike?
    Will this Trek make it, or is it a waste of time and $$$?
    Double or triple?

    Where can I find a set of inexpensive brake levers that mount on the flat with the pass through cables?
    Can I get away without having cantilever brakes?


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    I ride an old Trek 700 and have had no problems. I pulled off the crappy triple and but an old set of RX-100 cranks (52-39) up front. One thing you'll probably have to do is change out the BB and front derailer to make everything fit together right (at least I had to).

    During my first cross race a couple of years ago, this 50 year old guy riding a bigger beater than mine told me "don't worry about your bike, it's more important to ride hard." Then, he beat me.

    good luck,

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