Help! Can anyone refer me to an online source for Avocet Cross II K tires in 28 mm? Harris Cyclery and other places have the 32, 35, and 38, but I can't find 28s which I like for commuting.

FWIW, I prefer to buy through my LBS and asked them to order some for me, but they have issues with Avocet from years ago. I bought two "absolute no-questions-asked" warranty Specialized Turbo Armadillos. I had a flat on one the next day (just last week) and a flat on the other yesterday. I am ready to take them up on the money back guarantee. Everyone seems to LOVE these tires, but I had the same experience with them a couple of years ago. Flats within days of purchase. Sure, it's probably just bad luck, but it is irritating. Besides, I really like the look and ride of the Avocets.