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    2008 Kona Jake vs. 2007 Pinarello F3:13

    How does the 2008 Kona Jake in a size 58 compare to my current steed, 2007 Pinarello F3:13 in a size 57.

    Would a 58 be too big for me? The Pinarello fits me just fine, and my LBS told me a 57 Pinarello fits more like a 58. The Jake would be used primarily for commuting and light touring purposes, but I wouldn't mine hitting up some dirt trails every so often.

    Here are the geometry charts for both bikes:

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    Can't see the geometry charts...

    Kona's Jake series runs big. I'd ride a 60 roadie, and have a 58 JTS and have been riding a 60 Jake (bought it for my dad, breaking it in). The jake is actually too big for me...too stretched out. I'm 6'3, but with relatively short legs. I could probably be comfy on the 60 with a shortened stem, but the 58 JTS fits me perfectly, with the seat about 3 inches above the bars.

    Make sure you can try it before the purchase. Great bikes, but definitely on the big side.
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