I am wiling to trade my 1994 Eddy Mercx Corsa Extra with Columbus SLX tubing for a Surly Long Haul trucker or a Cross Check in good shape. I want a 56cm size, with racks and panniers, but am flexible in this respect (not the size though)
I realy love the Merckx, but I am not a racer, and I want to ride from BC, Canada (where i currently am) back to Mexico, and I dont want to force this beautifull racing bike to be something it is not.
It is set up as a single speed, as I havent been able to afford a nice road group for it, but those who know these bikes will know this is a good deal, so if you are located in BC, or close enough, and would like to trade in your Surly for my Merckx, just let me know!