I've been looking around for a used cross bike and I recently found someone with a redline in my size and the price is right but I'm not sure about a couple of things. 1. he says its a couple years old and blue. The only blue ones I've seen are this years conquest pro. Anybody know how to date one of these?
2. the owner said he's considering buying another redline conquest to replace it. That seems weird to me. is there any difference between the older frames and the newer ones?
The guy lives a ways away but comes to portland often so I won't be able to actually ride the bike until he comes to town again.
I am also talking to a guy with a voodoo wazoo which I might get to check out this weekend. I don't know anything about these bikes but he claims that it's super light and steel and it has some pretty good components on it. Anybody know anything about these?