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    Cannondale Cyclocross

    I have found the '04 Cannondale Cyclocross on sale for $879. I believe this is a great deal since it retails for $1100, and is equiped with 105 comps. How does this bike ride? I am going to test it this weekend, and don't want to "overlook" its ride due to the low price; I hear that all Cannondales are very stiff and hammer the body. It does have a front carbon fork and wider tires, if that means anything. Also, is there anything out there of similar quality for the same price or less that I should be looking at? Riding 100-120 miles a week, mainly on street, minimal off road--almost nothing. Don't want to race, I only want
    serious miles and a intense workout without body damage.



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    I have a newer Cannondale road bike and it's not really stiff as far as I'm concerned. It has thin high pressure tires on it so natuarally it's going to hammer a little, but I don't find it that bad.
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