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    Motobecane Fantom Cross CX

    I'm looking to get into a bit of cyclocross and I'd eventually like to race next season, or maybe even this season.

    At first, I was out looking for the Lemond Poprad but can't find them anywhere. I soon found out that they won't be shipping these anymore.

    The few that caught my attention were, Surly Cross Check, Trek X01, and Fuji Cross Comp. I then read that the Fuji is identical to the Motobecane Fantom Cross. Is this true?

    What do you guys think about the Motobecane Fantom Cross CX? This is the model with the Sora and CrMO fork for $549. Would this be a decent starting point to cyclocross racing?

    How does this bike compare to other "big name" comparable bikes in the >$1000 area?

    The Motobecane really appeals to me because it's much more aesthetically pleasing (to me) than other bikes I've seen. I'll also have a bit of money left over for future upgrades, as well as nicer clipless pedals and shoes. It'd be nice to get the exact components I want, rather than get the higher end ones already on the Motobecane Cross Pro.

    Any suggestions?

    Here's a link:
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