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    Paul Canti Set up:HELP!!!

    I recently added a set of Neo-Retro cantilever bakes to the front of my SOMA Double Cross and am having a SERIOUS problem with the fork shuddering when I apply the brake. I have followed the directions included and am getting frustrated that I can't figue this out. Here are the facts:

    2007 Soma Double Cross Frame
    2007 Surly Cross Check Fork
    NEW Paul Neo retro cantilever brake front
    New Paul Touring cantilever brake rear
    Kool Stop (Orange) Mountain Pads on both
    New Salsa Front rim (Delgado)
    Rear Rim Mavic A319

    The only thing not done exactly is the cable straddle height. Mine is about 2 inches from thefront tire. Am I missing anything in addition to the instuctions below?

    (Please read carefully)

    Remove twist tie.Place brake assembly on the
    cantilever stud with the ‘PAUL’ engraving facing away from frame. This also puts the springs on the outside of the arms; this is correct (springs are not located between frame and brake arms). Brake pivots are shipped pre-greased.

    Insert mount screws into brake pivots. Tighten hand tight.

    Using a 5mm hex wrench, adjust pads flat against
    rim and tighten.

    Using a 15mm wrench, hold the spring adjust nut (oval shaped piece mount bolt head fits into) straight up and down and tighten mount bolt with
    5mm hex wrench. Repeat on other side.

    Install straddle wire and straddle wire carrier. Place carrier approximately 3 inches above tire. This may vary to clear rack mounts, etc. Tighten cable clamp screw.

    Double check to make sure everything is tight by pulling on lever vigorously several times.

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    are you adjusting the toe in of the pads? i.e. put a dime on the rim near the rear of the pad and tighten the pad. This makes it so the front of the pad hits the rim first. Also, make sure the headset is tight before you tighten the front brake cable and start pulling the stem (and front cable hanger) down towards the front wheel, messing up the alignment in the headset...

    those are my first guesses...

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