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    Motobecane Fantom CX, What do you think?

    I have also posted this in the Commuter sub-forum HERE

    Any help would be nice.

    2009 Motobecane Fantom CX

    What do you guys think about this bike. My friend is looking in to getting a new bike. This bike I personally think would work great for him. He is looking for a great bike to commute on, even in the winter at school. I suggested this, to me it looks like a great all around bike, it's in his price range. Has some descent componets on it.

    I know people will say stuff about "well do it fit" or "test ride it". That's not really what I'm asking for. He has tried a lot of bike, but all way to much, & he likes this bike.

    I guess I just am wondering if this would be a good bike, componets wise, it will be his second bike(right now he is riding a Schwinn Continental that is to big for him.) I'm putting the bike together, I know how to, I have also already bought a bike from with no problem.

    So what do you think.
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    Do it! I did. Look here.

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