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    Rolling Resistance-Single Speed newbie w/knobbies


    Question about rolling resistance.
    Short explanation:
    Running 39/18 w/Maxix cyclocross knobbies and it feels as hard (or harder) to pedal as running 39/15 fixed w/street tires. Should there be that much more rolling resistance between tires?

    Longer Explanation:
    Am doing first CX race Sept 28th. Turning my 76 Schwinn Varsity Fixed/SS into a frankenbike Single Speed. "Racing" may be wrong verb, "participating" with a 32 year old 32# bike may be a better verb to describe how I'll do in the Age 45-B Masters catergory. Been averaging 200miles per month and am a lapsed cat 5 roadie. Used to be a runner.

    Anyway, had 39/15 fixed, fllop to 39/16 Freewheel side. Had slick with road tires and original ashtabula one piece crank with orignal platform pedals.
    I upgraded to a new one piece crank from Harris Cyclery to one that had 9/16th holes so I can use modern pedals. Put in new bearings and 24tpi threads.
    Purchased an 18tooth SS for the running 39/18 single speed.
    The chain fits, seems to be right tension, but the axel bolts are pretty far up the horizontal dropouts.

    Love the fact I have SPD mountain pedals on my franken-varsity, but dang it seems hard to pedal w/new knobbies. Wondering if
    -crank bearings are too tight
    -chain too tight
    -need a smaller front chainring
    -or just suck it up and ride.

    When I figure out how to post pictures I'll post one of ole' Black & Tan (name of my varsity)

    Thank in advance.

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    There is too much unnecessary information in your post.

    Gear-inches increases when you put on bigger tires.

    Rolling resistance on smooth pavement is lower for a high-pressure slick. Rolling resistance on bumpy surfaces is significantly lower for a larger tire with low pressure. Horses for courses.

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