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    Would my setup work?

    Well, not mine, but my girlfriends.

    I'm new to cyclocross racing and will be doing my first race next month. Now, my girlfriend would like to try it too, but I'm not exactly sure if her bike will work well for it.

    She has a Motobecane Messenger. The two things that I'm a little weary about is, the caliper brakes, and tire clearance. I THINK I can get maybe 32s in there, but I'm not 100% sure. I've put 28s on and its somewhat of a tight fit. If it helps, I can take a photo with the 28s in. The brakes I'm not really sure about, what do you guys think?

    Is she better off getting a new frame?

    Also, if it helps, I'm in Northern California. I dont think the races get super muddy around here, but again, I'm not sure.

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    If the course is dry 28's will do, but her bike will need to be geared way down. Think 60 gear inches or so, and she will be using a freewheel right?
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