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Thread: Which frame?

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    Which frame?

    I am interested in getting one of these frames and building it up. Which frame is best?

    2009 Salsa Chili Con Crosso

    2009 Ridley Crosswind

    2009 Redline Conquest Pro

    I am interested in building up one of these frames for cx racing. Which is the best? Also any other suggestions on what components to use to build it up. I am thinking of going 1x9 or 1x10. Thanks

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    Apples, oranges, peaches?

    which one one fits you best?
    Which one do you like more?
    Do you need a $1000 frame/fork?

    There are a ton of good frames out there. Comes down to what you want to ride - or where you want to put your cash. Personally I told myself I would go for a lower end frame and upgrade it only when I climbed to a new class and felt like I needed a lighter or better frame.

    Like Ive said before - chances are the frameset is not what is keeping me from doing well. I promise you - a guy in A could smoke me on a girls schwinn while Im riding a Gin and Trombones.

    Take your 1k - get a hole shot and a nice set of wheels...or get a JTS and get yourself a set of CK hubs.

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