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    Calling any 26"-CX-racers; Tire choice?

    So yeah- I converted a 90's no-suspension canti-brake MTB ('92 Paramount 50 series) to my low-budget 1-st season cyclocross racer.
    I know; it feels a little funny with such tiny wheels out there, but whatever.

    What tires do you suggest.. I was thinking Continental Crosscountries but they seem a bit wide...
    Perhaps the 26 x 1.35 Schwalbe CX Pro - Sport (559) ????

    Should I avoid going any bigger than 1.5" or 1.75" wide?

    Thanks for any help- Keep rockin' the 26"'s!!!

    (Before conversion)----now has clipless, new handlebar, no cages, etc...
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    Not tyres, but you might find this interesting:

    - the Kona in the process of being "dropped" is mine.

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