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Recreational Cyclocross and Gravelbiking This has to be the most physically intense sport ever invented. It's high speed bicycle racing on a short off road course or riding the off pavement rides on gravel like :The Dirty Kanza". We also have a dedicated Racing forum for the Cyclocross Hard Core Racers.

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Old 06-22-04, 01:26 AM   #1
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Avoid this Bike Shop - SF

Bought a '04 Bianchi Axis from Pacific Bikes and Boards on 4th St in San Francsico. Had the WORST experience EVER. What a bunch of idiots - not even worth bringing the bike back there for the free 90 day tune-up. Avoid this shop at all costs. I will be taking it to Free Wheel on Valencia from now on.

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what happened?
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Old 06-22-04, 03:23 AM   #3
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its one thing to bag a shop for being a bad shop...but to bag it without giving reason? not really on dude
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Old 06-22-04, 05:00 AM   #4
riding a Pinarello Prince
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yes, what happened???????
"Racso", the well oiled machine;)
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Old 06-22-04, 02:21 PM   #5
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So I guess I do owe an explaination. This bike does have a ton on inventory and it also happened to have the Axis in my size and I was able to take it for a test ride. This one of the only shops that actually had a cyclocross built out. I had done my research and knew that this was the bike I wanted and I ended up getting a pretty good pice ($1199). So I asked them if the would swap out the WTB pedals for Shimano SPDs that I have on my other bikes and the sales guy said sure but he had to get them from another shop. I plunked down my $400 deposit and planned on picking the bike up later in the week.

In the meantime I saw the same bike at another shop for $1150. Not a big deal. So I called the shop and asked about the $50 and the pedals. Not a problem to match the price however the guy I spoke to on the phone was not happy that the sales guy swapped the pedals instead of up-charging me. Not a big deal, their error. So I got the price I wanted and the pedal - cool. Now the fun begins.

I left work early to get the bike. Have you ever walked into a bike shop and even thought you are supporsed to he customer, you feel like you are interrupting a social gathering? Well that was the situation I walked into. So the store was empty except for me and 4 employees none of which was the original sales person. After finally getting the attention of one of the four guys, I told him I was picking up my bike. He was not too happy to be taken away from the social gathering. He looked me up in the computer as I explained the pedal swap (which was listed in their computer) and the $50 price adjustment. He took at look and the name of the original sales person in the computer and based on that and my other two requests, he told me he had no intention of dealing with this transaction because the orginal sales guy was an idiot. "No offence," he said to me and walked away. Was anybody going to help me? So after waiting a few minutes for another guy to come over to help me. Remeber - the shop was empty.

They begrudgingly called the other bike shop to confirm the price after questioning me continually as if the say I was lying. At this point I told them politely that I would be happy to take my $ to the other bike shop and purchase my bike there. The guy told me there would be a 15% restocking fee for that. I told them I would be happy to move the bike from the back of the store to the front of the store where I first saw it. I did say this politely whithout raising the tone of my voice.

So basically I now had to complete the transaction or risk loosing $115. They didn't bother putting on the new pedals until I asked. Not a big deal, I could have done that myself. After the guy put on the new pedals he walked away and started talking again with another guy. I then had to ask yet another guy if the bike was done and if I could go. The original person who refused to check me then gave me a manual, and condesendingly said, "This is good to look at so if anything breaks, you know what the name of the part is ...". Thanks dude, I am buying a $1200 cyclocross bike b/c I don't know anything about bikes.

Needless to say, that bike will never be brought back to that shop and I am doing my fitting and maintenence at Free Wheel on Valencia. The place that had the best price and where I should have purchased the bike in the first place.

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Old 06-22-04, 02:41 PM   #6
jeff williams
I couldn't car less.
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I'd print the story, mail to shop with Att: Business Owner.

Shake up the ranks a bit.
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Old 06-22-04, 04:13 PM   #7
Trek Rider
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Call the owner and tell him what you wrote here. Explain that with employees like that, he'll run out of customers to stay in business.
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Old 06-23-04, 07:27 AM   #8
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I was in a similar position when buying a (non-cyclocross) bike recently here in Ireland. Before they sold me the bike the guy was all over me, giving me a good deal on X, Y & Z. Then as soon as they had my money, they treated me like I didn't exist.

I will take the free service, but I won't spend another penny in there. I suspect that the main sales guy is the owner, I'm not going to tell them the reason without prompting.

It surprises me from LBSs of all shop types - surely they realise the value of word of mouth, accessories, and future bike purchases.
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Old 06-23-04, 10:24 AM   #9
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A quick positive recommendation, for what it's worth...

For those in the SF Bay Area, I've always had good experiences with Mill Valley Cycleworks--the staff knows their stuff, and they don't have an attitude in regard to your interests or abilities. In other words, they like bikes, you like bikes, and that's how they approach you.
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Old 06-23-04, 03:36 PM   #10
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I like Mill Valley Cycleworks as well. They are very helpful, even if you are buying nothing more than chain lube. And once a very busy mechanic offered to make a quick adjustment on my bike, free of charge.
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Old 06-23-04, 06:32 PM   #11
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Originally Posted by Trek Rider
Call the owner and tell him what you wrote here. Explain that with employees like that, he'll run out of customers to stay in business.
You should let the LBS owner know what you wrote so he can respond (to you or in this forum) if he wants. We shouldn't trash businesses behind their back.
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There should be a forum catagory for posting of experiences with bike shops, whether its an LBS, a chain store or online/catalog store.
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