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    Ibex X-Ray or....

    Ok.. I need some help. I am gonna buy a cyclocross bike and I am looking at the Kona Jake(not the snake just the Jake), Surly Cross Check, Redline Conquest, Lemond Poprad... etc... but none have the 105 all the way around. I like the spec of the Ibex, but lets just be honest... I don' t know exactly who they are (even though I know they have a lot of imput here on the board) and I don't know how they ride (I am 6'4" and about 215lbs 35" inseam)

    I know I won't be able to ride a bike in the right size 58-60cm and the closest thing to a real sized cx bike was putting cx tires on an old 70 bianchi and tearing around town. (totally fun)

    I don't wanna spend much more than $900... what would you do?


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    You could buy the Cross-Check frame only and have it built up the way you want.

    At 6' & 215 lbs my 56cm Cross-Check is big enough for me. They are available up to 62cm; you should be able to find one to fit you.

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