OK, I keep seeing these bad experiences w/ LBS's and thought I'd chime in w/ my experience.

I have an SS that I bought used. In the past few weeks, I've upgraded the bike w/ various components including moving the 36T to a 44T chainring. (It's now a 44:18.) At one point, my wheels were way out of true and took them to Go Ride in Redwood City, CA. They're not an SS-specific shop but they were very helpful and did the trueing very fast (day or 2 if I remember correctly). Price was very reasonable.

This weekend when I moved to a 44T, I overdid the chain tension and kinda twead the BB a little. Took it to Go Ride and they fixed that and adjusted my rear wheel which had a lot of play. Again very reasonable and fast work. They mechs and salesguys have been very helpful, even to the point of explaining what work was done. That way I can maybe attempt DIY in the future. I highly recommend them as a good shop. BTW, they used to be Garner's from Palo Alto.