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    titanium frame repair/recommedations?


    I am fairly new to cycling, and am looking to build a cyclocross with versatile components (ie, a triple + a 11/32T cassette). i have been considering a new bianchi axis, however a recent gift has changed things.

    i was recently *given* a poccianti titanium italian frame, hand made in some small shop in florence. it it beautiful, however it needs some work. both the top tube and the down tube have significant impact dents... such that they may need cutting out & replacing. also, 1 of the chain stays is bent. must of been in a car crash, not sure of the history. everything else on the frame looks solid... all of the welds, joints, etc....

    I am not at all familiar with this brand of frame, with titanium frame repair, nor do I have any idea what repair costs may be, or if this is even a good frame to build a cyclocross bike ... totally blind here. so a few questions:

    = how expensive is ti frame repair?

    = to build a cyclocross, what good quality but affordable components would you recommend with this frame (wanting a triple + a 11/32T cassette?)... I've been looking at the campy centaur, but I donít think I can do a 11/32T cassette... what else is possible?

    = and has ANYONE ever heard of a "sesto fiorentino poccianti" titanium frame?

    oh, lastly... if I go for it and build this bike, who sells (online) the best priced new and used component groups?

    clearly I am a novice, and I will be grateful for any recommends or input.


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    A SRAM derailleur on a cyclocross bike? Makes no sense as it won't work with road or bar end shifters.

    You're right about the frame: if the tubes are seriously dented you've got a problem. Replacing tubes is close to impossible.

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