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    Racing/commuting bike

    first post here in a long time.

    i've been commuting on bikes year round in the midwest forever. last winter i rode a 55 cm lemond poprad, which was freaking perfect, and which i very unfortunately sold, long story. my other bike is a raleigh 1980 or so raleigh team pro, possibly one of the marinoni ones. anyway, i'm moving to chicago and want to start racing cyclocross, but i also want a bike to ride in chicago through the winter, and dont have money for two bikes. my question is what steel bike will serve both purposes? is the geometry of a surly cross check ok for racing? how about a salsa la cruz? how about the poprad? i dont mind riding an aggressive bike commuting, i rode track bikes as commuters for years. i just really want steel, and cant afford a custom builder.

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    Sounds like you like the Poprad/Presidio I would stick with that.
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