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    help me to choose

    between Bontrager Hard Case and All-Condition Armadillo Elite, size 700x28.

    Three factors are nearly equally important:

    1. Puncture resistance - I commute through some pretty gritty neighbourhoods.
    2. Ease of mounting - see #1.
    3. Wet traction performance and cornering.

    To the best of my knowledge, Bonts do not come with Kevlar bead and my current tires are Boroughs - so I am addicted to easy mounting. I do not want to go to Boroughs again - grippy as they are, little knoblets on the sides pick up road grime and throw it on my legs.

    I am very light Athena, working on leaving the ranks, my noble steed is a Tricross Comp, commute is 30 mi RT at average speed 15-16 mph.

    Also, which one will offer more compliant ride on my bike? It is a fitness, fun and commute machine and will never see a race in its life.

    Crossposting to Road and Commute forums with some forum-specific tweaks.

    Thank you


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    None of the above.

    I'd go for Marathon Supremes, even if it means going for 32s instead of 28s. Tyre compound is the primary determinant of speed, *not* width, and Supremes are made out of the same rubber as Ultremo racing tyres. They're the only tyre that I know of that is outstanding for speed, dry and wet grip, ride quality and puncture resistance. The downside is that they are expensive, but they make up for that by having excellent durability. The kevlar beaded version should be easy to get on and off your rims.

    Or you could drop down a price level to the Marathon Plus. These are even tougher and quite a bit cheaper, but they're mediocre speedwise.

    But I'd go for Supremes - they should make a bigger difference to your bikes handling than spending an extra $1000 to get more carbon in the frame.

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