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    2007 Kona Jake and Jake the Snake Frame Materials

    Hi All-

    First time posting, so please pardon any errors on my part.

    I have a 2007 Kona Jake. I love the bike, and have been ridding it as a commuter for the past 2 years. I just did my first cross race a few weeks back, and starting to think about what I can do to upgrade the bike, and make it more race worthy.

    Specifically, I am curious about the differences between the frame material of the Jake and the Jake the Snake (The bike I am starting to wish I had bought). I am curious about how good of a base I am working off of before I proceed to upgrade other components. I know that my bike has a steel Kona P2 Fork, and that the JTS 2007 had a much nicer Easton EC70X Carbon fork, so I am thinking about upgrading to a carbon fork (probably something like a Nashbar Carbon Cyclocross fork). That said, holding all of the other components on the bike equal how do the frames compare?

    I know that the Kona Jake (2007) has Kona 7005 Butted Aluminum

    And the Kona Jake the Snake (2007) had Easton Ultralite

    But am I mistaken in thinking that Easton Ultralite is also a 7005 aluminum alloy? If this is true, does that mean there is much of a difference? I also have only started to contemplate other differences in terms of tube diameter, wall thickness, different types of welds, types of tapering, etc. (for example, on the Jake the Snake it looks like the top tube is thicker where it meets the head tube then where it meets the seat tube) but any knowledge or insights would be appreciated.

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    Hi RubBikeRow.

    I have never ridden a Jake, but I have had two JTS's. One was an older version with the Easton tubing and P2 fork, and my current one is the Kona tubing with the carbon fork. There was a slight weight penalty with the new frame, but it was also bigger. The carbon fork was obviously lighter than the P2 fork (weighed).

    With that said, I didn't experience a significance between the two frames. I do commute on mine and race occasionally. However, that doesn't stop me from drooling over Major Jake frames.

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