All I have to say is, holy **** why did I wait so long to do this?!?

Temperature: 30*F
Conditions: Dusting of snow, frozen dirt trail, tire pressure @ 40psi.

I wanted to go to the state park closest to my work (Fair Hill NRMA in Elkton, MD), but they have the park closed for the annual deer hunt. Fair Hill has a great network of hard pack fire roads that I thought would make a good first ride location to get to know the bike. I ended up going to White Clay Creek State Park in Newark, DE, which is a bit further from the office, but offers smooth single track that I know pretty well already.

The bike felt awesome, and it was a ton of fun and quite nerve-wracking negotiating the single track. Keep in mind, I had only ever ridden my MTB on the trail once before, so this whole trail riding thing is a little new to me. Riding like that will definitely teach you how to handle a bike! I stopped a few times to get my fit just right, and I do need to work on these eggbeater pedals and figure out how to clip out of them quickly.

All in all, the bike worked great and I had a safe and awesome ride. I am hooked!