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    New Cyclocross Frame and forks - which one should i buy dilemma!

    Hi everyone
    I need some advise on a new Cross frame I already ride an Alan Unicross and I am now ready for a new one. I have three choices based on my budget 300. First there is the Giant TCX 08.5 269 free shipping then the Planet X Uncle John 340 free shipping and finally Columbus CX same as Empella Bonfire SL 295 shipping 15. I would use the new build for CX racing, off road and trail etc including winter training and general riding. So the beat all rounder is what I’m after. My Alan is only a small frame so the complete bike is under 20lb however toe overlap an issue as I am 6ft tall. A longer wheelbase and taller head tube would be ideal. The geometry on the Planet X and Giant TCX (UK version) are very similar ie tall head tube and slightly sloping top tube with similar geometry. The Giant was revamped for 2009 and I don’t know what the issues were with the previous model whether it was clearance or fork judder or just an odd shape I don’t know but the price at the moment is good! The Planet X seems more versatile and is slightly over budget and the Columbus seems to be an all out race frame so not sure about its versatility or the carbon rear! Hoping someone can enlighten me before the deals are gone.
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    Fork judder has to be the big issue (other than fit) as long as you are running cantis. Professional reviewers tend to avoid the subject shamefully, for fear of offending advertisers.

    Re the Uncle John, I'd ask on some UK forums - eg Bike Radar.

    Oh - if you switch to Mini-Vees (or regular vees with a Travel Agent adaptor) instead of cantis you shouldn't have any judder or squeal problems; some people swear by them. You will lose mud clearance,but you won't be any worse off than an MTBer with v-brakes.

    Other suggestion: there's a UK store, Paul Milne, that specializes in cross. They sell own brand frames and complete bikes to the scene - I picked one up on ebay and it's really nice. Phone them and see what they have available.

    Re chatter/shudder in general, take a look at

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