I've done searches on the forum but not a lot of applicable threads for me.

I'm in NorCal and this'll be my first CX season, so I want to make sure I have the right tires going in. I have a IF Planet X that I'm currently running w/ SpeedMax 30's. I know that those won't cut it when the season gets muddy, so I'm trying to consider options. I'm also not against running different front/rears.

I'd like a bigger tire and it has to be a clincher, since I don't run tubular. At this point, I only have 1 wheelset, so different wheelsets isn't an option yet. However, I would consider ones like Tufo clinchers, if it's worth the money. Here's some I'm considering and a few questions:

1) Vredestein Campos. These are appealing since the high pressure let's me continue to do road training w/o changing tires.
2) Tufo Elite and Prestige. What's the difference?
3) Bontrager CX Jones
4) Hutchinson Pro Gold.
5) How wide should I go? Will 32's be sufficient for the whole season? Would I need to go bigger?

Thanks for the help.