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    Wheels and tyres for a cross?

    Anyone got any suggestions!. I have a frame with a rear o.l.d of 135. I have got some campy wheels, (32 spoke - 8 speed) and all the running gear (brake levers / shifters, transmission etc) and I was hoping to use it all, but the rear wheel is a 130!!. These wheels are 15C, do I have to stay with 15C for a cross bike, or are there other options?. Also, whats the maximum size of tyre I can use on a 15c wheel. I saw a kona the other day, and it looked like it had a 35c on a 15c rim, is this safe?


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    My personal experience is that standard cross tire on standard road rim is no problem, and have never seen a failure associated with it. The chart on Sheldon's site is very conservative. I would only be (minimally) concerned if the tire size veered into monstercross or 29er territory.
    "Note: This chart may err a bit on the side of caution. Many cyclists exceed the recommended widths with no problem."

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