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    Is $475 a good price for a 2004 Kona Jake?

    Howdy all, I'm new to the bike world after being within walking distance from everything for some years, but now I'm going to a bigger college campus (Texas A&M) and will be leaving 3 miles off campus so I want to get a bike to facilitate a faster commute without burning gas everyday.

    After reading here and elsewhere I've found that many people recommend a CX bike as a commuter because it is a good hybrid of a road bike and mountain bike.

    With that in mind, I've found for sale locally a 2004 Kona Jake selling for $475 that is in my frame size. I haven't checked the bike out yet, but what I was wondering before I go test ride it is A) Is this a good bike, and B) is $475 a fair price for a 2004 model?

    Any help is greatly appreciated and I look forward to spending more time here!

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    It's really hard to judge the value of used bikes. A lot depends on the condition of the components. In particular, with a CX bike, if it's been used for CX racing, the components could be trashed, but if it's been sitting in a garage, they could be like new.

    The 2004 has Sora components, where 2008 and later Jakes have Tiagra, so you need to consider that when comparing the value to other model years. I've got a 2008 Kona Jake, and I'm very happy with it. The frame and fork on the 2004 look like they're the same as the 2008. The wheelset on the 2004 is different, but it looks good -- strong rims and decent hubs.

    The components on that bike are similar to a Motobecane Fantom CX which you can get new for $500 or a Scattante X-330 which is on sale now for $579. The Jake has a better crank and wheels than either of those, and doesn't carry the shame of a discount brand (if you care about that kind of thing).

    Overall, assuming you like the ride of it and the components are in good shape, it doesn't seem like an amazing deal but you could definitely do worse. I'd probably offer less, but maybe be willing to pay $475.

    Be sure to buy a good U-lock.

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