I am getting back into cycling after about a 20 year hiatus. I'm currently planning to buy a MTB for some single-track riding. At first, I was toying with the idea of a hybrid, but it wouldn't be good for mTB trails, and it isn't an effective road bike either.

So I'm thinking of a MTB and a Road. But as I think about it even more, I'm wondering if a CX wouldn't be better for me. I'm not planning to compete in any CX races, but I'm thinking of liking the stability of wider tires on cornering and braking.

When I was young, I used to own a 1985 Trek 300 steel frame road bike, and there were times when I felt it was real skittish under me, when dealing with all the road debris that winds up on the shoulder or at the edge of the road.

Would a CX bike be an effective road bike, that would give me a little more stability...and probably more confidence when road riding?