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    looking for a versatile frameset $300-$600

    i am a roadie with no cyclocross experience, but a
    growing interest in venturing onto the dirt trails. from an older
    road bike of mine, i have some components (105 STI shifters,
    handlebars, seatpost, drive train, saddle) that i want to use in
    creating a very versatile cyclocross bike. i'm looking for a
    reasonably inexpensive frame ($300 - $600) which is somewhat light
    and has 130mm rear dropout spacing. in addition to some racing in the
    future, i'll also use the bike as a commuter so having rack mounts
    would be a nice plus.

    from searching this forum, i have found some possible frames:
    redline conquest
    surly cross-check
    k2 enemy

    are there any framsets that i am missing and should be considering?


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    Can check out gunnar and soma fabrications, but these are in the 600-900 range. I just bought a new cross-check frame and it looks great! I'm going to build it up in a similar manner as you described, but first I'm sending it off to Bilenky Cycle Works in PA to have S&S Machine couplers put on it to make it into a travel bike.

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