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Thread: Bike Advice

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    Bike Advice

    Hi everyone,

    I am getting ready to buy my first cyclocross bike and would love some options on the bikes I have narrowed it down to.

    I have picked a few bikes that i can afford. I will be using this to commute to work and school. A mix of roads, urban trails and curb jumping to prevent killing a pedestrians.
    I am also planning on doing a few triathlons and possibly a couple cyclocross races with it. I am looking for something reliable that will last me a while.

    Heres the bikes i'm looking at (All the 2011 models):

    Jamis Nova
    Specialized Tricross triple
    Raleigh 1.0

    Or should I splurg and get the Velo Vie Versa (I can get it for under $2000 through the company I work for)

    THanks a bunch everyone.

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    They all look pretty nice. Jamis and Raleigh having cross doubles. The Tricross being a more do-it-all bike may not be great for cross racing. I'd go with the Jamis myself. That think is slick looking.

    Never heard of the other bike you're talking about and it appears their website is down.
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    I've been shopping the past month for a cross bike; that Raleigh has been on my list, too. Jamis seems like a good bike, I read good things about it. You might also consider Kona Jake/JTS ('11 models should be arriving this week or next if they're not already there), Windsor Cyclo/Moto Fantoms, Fuji Cross Comp. Might also consider Specialized Crux, that's the replacement for the TriCross I believe. All are nicely spec'd bikes -- Tiagra and up.

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