Hi Guys.

Go easy, first post naturally on which bike to go for.

I have a 'short-list' made up, but because i live in Cyprus and there are no pro-bike shops here I'm struggling to choose as I cannot test ride or even view a bike before purchase.

I'm looking for a cross bike as it suits the terrain I intend to ride over here. No CX tournaments here, so instead will use the bike for training and leisure.

I come from an mtb background and so I think I will want a relaxed geometry, that is, not too 'hunched' but more the upright, but as I will also be doing quite a bit of climbing in the steep mountain roads, ill need to be able to get low i guess.

I will admit im no good at reading geometry tables so any impartial and helpful advice will be so greatly appreciated:

I am very fond of the Yeti, but I am a bit concerned that the frame is too mtb-ish, am I right to think this? will it be quick off the mark and comfortable to climb with?http://www.yeticycles.com/#/bikes/ARCX/1/

I am also looking at the Gary Fisher Preisidio http://fisherbikes.com/bike/model/presidio but concerned that te ride will not be very comfortable.

The seven http://www.sevencycles.com/cyclocross.php looks like a good compromise between the Arc-X and Presidio, im not too sure on the frame though, Steel is 'only' couple of hundred grams heavier than their carbon frame and as I am not racing I think i shouldnt be too much of a problem for me, considering the steel shoul dbe more comfortable.

The two outsiders are the Moots Psychlo-X and the Santa Cruz Stigmata, the Moots looks perfect but I'm not sure paying the premium for the Ti will give me any huge benefit over the other frames.

All bikes come with decent specs and I will slowly upgrade, especially wheels and tyres.