I have been hunting around for a CX frame to build up using a spare Campy Daytona 10Sp groupo from a road frame I sold.

I have pretty much narrowed it down to three frames
1)Major Jake (frame only I still need a fork) that I can get from a local shop. I was told that this frame is a form of scandium.

2)An Aquila frame Here
I know the owner and have bought from his shop on several occasions.
These frames are an in house brand, not sure where they are built

3) Ridely Crossbow frame I can get from a dealer new by.

I live in Ontario Canada and buying from the U.S. can some times be tricky. I am mainly using the bike this year as a winter trainer but do plan on using it next season as a race bike.

Pricing on all three frame is very close to each other so that is not the issue. I am leaning toward the Aquila because my friend also has a road frame made from the same company and seems to really like it.