I blew out the front stock 700x32 Bontrager Jones CX tire on my Poprad and as the only cyclocross tires available at the LBS were the Continential Twister Pro I put a 37 in front and a 32 on the rear. (last two on stock)

So far it seems quite a bit better suited than the Jones on 10mi of desert single track. Definintely better grip up hills and the slighly wider front tire felt better in soft sand patches.

Just wanted to know if any one else has used these tires and had any experiences to share. They are certainly a bit heavier (120g more for the 32) than the Jones, but perhaps a bit more durable as well. It seems the Jones is a tire better suited for racing on a known cyclocross couse vs. general purpose dry single track.

What other tires should I be on the look out for for use of dry and rough desert trails?