OK, so LOML is ditching her 2003 Trek 2000 road bike in favor of something better. We thought about selling it to offset the price of the new one, but we probably wouldn't get half of what we originally paid. Plus, I've always wanted a cyclocross bike--I'm a curb jumper at heart. Will do mostly urban riding/commuting on it, but might take it up to the mtns and see what it can do every now and then.

Obviously I will have to replace the following:

1. Frame/fork -> thinking about Soma Double Cross over Surly. Basically same price, but with better steel and should be a bit lighter. I already have a 631 tubed road bike and love the ride. Any reason why not to go this route?
2. Brake Calipers -> Cheap cantilevers (105 STI compatible, so no V-brakes) that don't squeak. Any suggestions?
3. Inline brake levers -> Figure I will just add them. Which ones?
4. Tires -> Ritchey SpeedMax 700x35s. Any other suggestions for non-hardcore tires?
5. Cassette -> It's got a 12-25. Good?
6. Matrix Aurora rims, which I will keep. These are the same as the Poprad ships with, so I figure they're good.

The rest is a mix of 105/Tiagra and Trek/Bontrager which is fine until it needs to be replaced.

Anything else I'm missing?

Thanks. I'm looking forward to feeling the euphoria everyone seems to be high on in this Forum!