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    I am looking for a CX aluminum bike that has a mountain triple (48/38/28 or 42/34/24 ) along with a cassette that has 34/14 or 11 (the small cog doesn't matter) on the back.
    put what you want on it, it's your bike.

    brands parts manager does not rule your taste do they?

    For those that have put mountain triples on CX frames, did you have an issue with chain line and how did you deal with it?
    Used a Campag Race Triple , in a 50,40, 24 combo ..
    the Right Triple crankarm is made different than the double so both share the same BB.

    and the chainline is shifted out just enough to center on the Middle ring.

    The basics is you get the set, crank & BB ... to be a compatible set. @ same time.
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