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Thread: Humid days

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    Humid days

    I just got done a 20 mile workout on my CX bike doing laps around a dirt path. I gotta say the humidity in the air was perfect for the workout. Didn't make the path muddy but you could feel the difference in a turn. More compact dirt. Best part was getting the type of workout with the type of weather. Anyone else have thought on the perfect CX weather?
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    I was searching the threads for info on Fuji bikes and saw a couple of your posts/threads mention you work in bike shop and are in Portland, ME. I live in southern Maine and am looking to purchase a new bike (to replace my stolen bike). Anyway, was wondering if the shop you work in carries Fuji bikes? I'm considering buying online but would like to test ride one before ordering. If so, whats the name of the shop? BTW I'm looking at the 2012 Gran Fondo 3.0
    Tried PM'ing you but i don't have enough posts in the forums yet.

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