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    What Cyclocross bike to buy?

    Hi all!

    Firstly I want to say hi as I'm new to the forum. I am looking for an all purpose bike, and after a lot of reading I feel the cyclocross category fits my needs. The bike will mainly be used for my road commute to work, but will also be used for longer rides. These rides are more than likely to take me off road; so thought the Cyclocross category would be the best bike for my mixed needs.

    Even though I have been riding bikes for years, I have never purchased a decent bike - and have always had cheap run arounds for occasional use. Now I am commuting to work every day, and wanting to start cycling as a hobby, it is definitely time for me to invest.

    I would still class myself as a beginner to cycling, so a bike that needs minimal upgrading for a few years would be great. The lighter the bike the better too, as it will most likely have to be carried up stairs to my apartment every time it is used. This is where i need your help. I haven't really got a clue what to look for when it comes to bikes and their parts/specifications - and have only really been going on what I have read on reviews when I have been researching.

    I have been told that it would be best for me to invest in a Cyclocross bike that has disc brakes - as this will improve my braking for commuting in poor weather. Would you guys agree with this?

    My budget is just over 1,000 (current conversion - $1,536.20). Bikes that I like the look of are:
    Boardman CX Team - 899.99 ($1,382)-

    Genesis Vapour Disc - 1,011.99 ($1,554.62) -

    Rose Pro DX Cross 2000 - 1,061.65 ($1,630.91) -

    Whyte Saxon Cross - 1,149.00 ($1,765.09) -

    Specialized Tricross Elite Disc - 1,200.00 ($1,843.44) - http://www.specializedconceptstore.c...Cross/TriCross

    What would you guys recommend? With the 2013 bikes due out at the end of the year - is it worth me waiting? Is there going to be any big jumps in specs in the 2013 bikes?


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    Disc brakes make a huge difference to braking but are far from essential.

    When I ride my MTB I have to remind myself that it will stop a lot faster than my cross bike. I've got a 2009 Tricross Sport with the standard cantilever brakes. For the longest time I was aware they didn't stop very well but then realised my brake pads were worn past the point I should have replaced them. So I replaced them, and now the brakes stop me. Not as fast as the disc brakes on the MTB but fast enough, I can brake hard enough to lock my wheels.

    Unless you've specifically decided you have to have disc brakes you could look at an older cross bike. I wasn't sure how much I'd ride the tricross so bought one used on ebay. A bit of a punt but it worked out OK for me. If you'd rather not take that kind of punt you could always ask at a local bike shop to see if they have a used one available for sale. Then if you decide you like it and want to put up the cash for a new one you can do so with some experience, and if not you're down a few hundred rather than the wrong side of a grand.
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    Surly Cross Check

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