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    Trek Ion CX vs Raleigh RX 2.0

    First time caller, Long time listener, with another comparison thread, bear with me if you would please

    I'm in the market for a new ride, and long story short, given the long list of things I want and need in a cycle right now, I've nearly narrowed it down to two:

    Trek's Ion CX

    Raleigh's RX 2.0 (or 1.0, depending on if I'm feeling disks or a carbon fork, oddly enough they are the same price point)

    Its all going to come down to a test ride of course, but i was wondering what opinions you great peoples over here thought.

    I haven't done any cross racing, but I would love to give it a try; If i can get into somewhat ok shape by cross season and if i can find any, I might throw my hat in some local, small time events, just to give it a try. The main purpose for this bike is to be my gravel-racing/commuting/tearing down the street bike/riding-where-ever-I-dang-well-please bike. I've been leaning towards aluminium because I've been riding boat anchors for the past few bikes and I'm looking to move towards something a little more quick and agile.. and a whole lot lighter.

    I'm not totally sold on the discs on the Raleigh RX 2. They are Avid BB5's.. which I've heard are ok, What do you think? To be perfectly honest, I would be more than fine with cantilevers (leaning towards the canti's anyhow).

    Any body out there have any experience with either of these two that can give me some pointers? I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks again.

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    Courses raced over , many run ups , and the light weight of cantilever brakes will win,
    just have a hop over a barrier or 2 then it will matter less..

    BB5, Vs 7, just pay the difference and the Bike Shop will do the Swap.

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