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    Cyclocross Vs Hybrid dual sport


    I'm looking for a new bike and really not sure on the model I should buy, cyclocross (probably a trek Ion Cx 2012) or hybrid dual sport (Giant Roam xr1 or Norco XFR-1)

    I'm doing a lot of road, some soft trail (not to much tricky). I'm carring luggage and doing cyclotourisme with a trailer of about 120 pounds. Next year I will do montreal (quebec canada) to San Francisco (Californie) so arount 10 000.

    - More speed
    - Confortable and can change position
    - Light weight
    - Carbon fork to absorb vitration (is it solid enough on rock, when climbing sidewalk...? )
    - The cantilever brake will be change for v-brake

    - Better brake (hydraulic disc) (can brake overheat with 120 pound trailer?)
    - frame and fork stronger
    - 3 front cogs making the climbing easier (with trailer climbing is petty hard)

    Any suggestion? I need some performance but not too much, solidity (I don't want to repair it all the time while doing my 10 000km trip) easy adjustment (doing it by myself without lot of tool), confortable enough for riding 8 hours per day.


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    You need a real touring bike like the surley long-haul trucker. You can easily put CX tires on it if you want to get offroad a bit.
    The fast handeling, aggressive position, short chainstays and tall bottom bracket of a CX bike are exact opposite of what you need for long distance riding.

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