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Thanks for local tips! I'll have to look into those once I get the bike put back together.

I've decided to go with a flat bar - well it's not really flat - I found an Origin8 space bar - and thumbies and mountain bike brake levers. I've been wanting to try out a set up like this and it'll be a little more trail friendly and bombproof than drops with brifters. My understanding is that it won't hurt me on the course either - and I'd be newbie racer strictly for fun. I'm going to stick with a CX type double, I found some different rings for my Ritchey compact double so I'll run 46 and either 36 or 34. Leaning towards the 34.
You could just install interrupters/cross top levers on the tops of your dropbars if you need it for real technical areas. I installed a pair on a bike I used to commute on but I almost never use them, braking from the hoods is just as easy for me.
Flip your stem to get a more upright position/posture, & your good to go.