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    Bianchi Cross Concept

    Although I am nearly settled to buy the Kona Jake The Snake.

    Does anyone have an opinion of the Bianchi Cross Concept?

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    I will be the first to admit the Cross-Concept is amazing, but I think that level of technology is overkill unless you're already finishing top ten and no more than, say, thirty seconds back. Bianchi makes/ made great cyclocross frames:
    click on the pic, it enlarges a bit.
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    Someone had a cross concept frame on craigslist here in portland a few months back so I asked around about it. it had a dent in the center of the toptube that the seller said was from the seatpost on another bike. It wasn't a huge dent but come on, think you're not going to have run ins with other bikes on the track? A Friend of mine that works in a shop says that the cross concept, like many european race-specific bikes, is made for high performance (read light) but not necessarily to last for a long time. he suggested that I pay as much for the frame as I would be willing to pay if it lasted me a year. They just aren't meant to last year after year.

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