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    Rider Seeks Frame for Adventures

    I have already posted this in the SS forum on MTBR and in the SS/Fixed forum here, but my search may be well served asking you folks as well. So please excuse if you have already seen this thread or even helped out.

    I am in the market for a new frame and fork to empty my parts bin onto. I will need a frame that can be easily single speeded and fixed, which means track ends, horizontal drops, ebb, sliders, or rockers. I want rim brakes and a 68mm BB. This leads me to more cross-ish frames. I am on the tall side so 60-62cm frames. I want minimum of 40mm tire clearance.

    I had a Cross Check which fits all of those requirements but I wished for a taller headtube. I want to be able to get drop bars way up there.

    Here's the kicker, I need it to be ~600$ or less and available through my LBS.

    I've done my research thoroughly and believe that I have a good handle on the available frames that fit the bill, but I want to make sure that I'm not missing anything.

    Thanks in advance.

    Thus far it seems that the best bets are the following:
    -Another Cross Check and run a bunch of spacers
    -Fisticuff with a bunch of spacers
    -All-City Space Horse
    -Pake C'mute
    -New Albion Privateer
    -The upcoming Velo-Orange Carmague which is expected to be out soonish and depending on price

    All of these have horizontal dropouts, come in a 60-62cm frame, have 68mm bottom brackets, canti posts, and clearance for at least 40mm tires.

    There are subtle differences in geo for all of these but they are all in the same region of bikedom. I am right now leaning toward the All-City or the New Albion. The bike will see 98% road/city riding in the form of my commute with a touch of single track or dirt roads for fun, and hopefully a bunch of over-nighters. The All City has that ED coating which could be unnecessary, but is pretty cool for a bike that will see lots of weather of all sorts in Boston.

    Any others I should add to the list?

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    The Handsome Devil might be a possibility. The biggest size is a 58cm though.

    Anything with a BB30 of PF30 bottom bracket can be built as a singlespeed. That opens your options considerably. I've got a 2013 Kona Jake the Snake that I'm running singlespeed, and I've been very happy with it.

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    I ride a Handsome Devil and I like it quite a lot but I think it's biggest shortcoming for your purposes would be the relatively short head-tube. It might not be any worse than a CC but it's definately not a long one.

    The V-O Camargue would be one of my top choices. I e-mailed them a couple of weeks ago and they are expecting the first batch mid-June (may change) and are shooting for a sub-$600 price-point. The only drawback I see is that it's handling is optimized for 60mm tires and the front-end might be a bit twitchy with 40'is mm tires. Another positive is that Revelate will be making frame-specific bags for it, if you are into the bike camping thing.
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