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Recreational Cyclocross and Gravelbiking This has to be the most physically intense sport ever invented. It's high speed bicycle racing on a short off road course or riding the off pavement rides on gravel like :The Dirty Kanza". We also have a dedicated Racing forum for the Cyclocross Hard Core Racers.

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Old 06-15-14, 10:09 PM   #26
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Originally Posted by unterhausen View Post
It seems to me that the discussion in this thread is getting too heated, and a couple of people need to back off or I'm going to start deleting posts and getting it back on topic.

Material wars are so '90s anyway. What next, carbon esplodes?
Fair 'nuff.

The Straggler is a good frame. Should be good fun!
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Originally Posted by PBR ME View Post
My daughters graduation present is so cool, I've been thinking about a Straggler as my all around bike too!
Check hers out!
Nice gift! I hope that she enjoys it.
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Originally Posted by OldSurlyBastard View Post
Mike: Congrats on your purchase of the Surly Straggler!!! I see that you're here in DSM...Which LBS did you purchase your Straggler from??? I'm a very satisfied Surly owner as of this May here in DSM/Ankeny!!! Built a SURLY PACER and have about 650 miles on it since I started riding it in early May. I love it!!!! Ultegra 30 speed drivetrain etc. It's a WONDERFUL RIDE!!!!

In Reference to:

My experience has not been what grolby's has been in terms of ride. My Pacer is smooth, comfortable and the handling is quick and responsive. The couple of 40-50 mile rides I've done have been very enjoyable; not like riding a "brick". Average speeds 16.4 - 17.3 and my normal average ride is about 25 miles. The Pacer weighed in @ 23.05 on the LBS scale on the day we completed the build. I figure that if I need to carry less weight, then it isn't the bike that needs to lose 5 pounds; it's me !!! Mike: Enjoy the Straggler; Maybe I'll see you on the trails (I live in and ride out of Ankeny most days!!! Just look for the Disco Tomato Red roadie).

And whether you ride steel, aluminum, titanium or carbon, find what makes riding fun for you and just pedal!!!! Old Surly Bastard: Keith in Ankeny
i am getting my Straggler from Bike World in Urbandale. Hope to cross paths with you sometime.

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Just test drove it and loved it. Another satisfied customer here. Got the black version one!
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I love the way mine feels like it can handle most any surface. Reminds me of the bike a we had as kids.

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The battle of steel vs aluminum vs carbon. Whatever you feel comfortable on is the way to go. I have a Bianchi that was made in Italy and is 20+ years old and rides wonderful. I have a Surly Karate Monkey and it is a great mountain bike. I had a Cross Check and it was ok just because it didnt fit well enough. I have a Gunnar on the way now.
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Originally Posted by hairnet View Post

To get this thread back on track, let's talk tire fit. I fit a 2.35" 29er tire on my front! It has next to no clearance on the fork legs but this means I can use some other narrower 29er tires.

That looks pretty darn sweet! How much tire can you fit in the back?

To those accusing Surly et al of selling overpriced, low grade frames, can you reccomend a higher quality frame of similar price that will clear fat tires and take disc brakes as well? Honest question, that's the sort of bike I'm looking for at the moment so I'm curious.
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Old 08-17-14, 08:47 AM   #33
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In reply to the previous post, I just bought a Specialized AWOL (I know, I know, I got it for less than shop cost) that will fit 29x2.2 tires. I bought the Comp which has the Reynolds 725 steel frame, is compatible w either s/s or belt drive or traditional drivetrain. Mine is setup 2x10 SRAM Apex stis w an x9 rd (48-34 11-36). So far I like it. It has a very short (75) stem that I'll be swapping to a 90 at some point. I'll post a separate thread at some point about the bike. They sell a frame/fork for somewhere around $700

To the OP, nice bike! Enjoy it!
Emails are quicker....

ISO: Roberts frame/fork 58cm
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Looking forward to the Damone comparison. I like the looks of each bike but am leaning towards the Damone.
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The two bikes are very different. The Damone is fast,explosive, and carves the curves. The Straggler has that go anywhere and do anything feel. Together they make a great two bike combination. For paved surfaces I love the Damone. If the surface is unsaved or has lots of cracks the Straggler is better. Also if I am riding a social ride the Straggler has a rear rack and trunk bag, plus it does not mind cruising along. The Damone loves to travel fast and light.
Glad I have both.

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