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    Tubeless for Gravel/Dirt - Questions

    My mountain bike has "UST" tubeless rims and tires and I love them. Just the rim, the tire and a bit of Stans and I've had zero issues (knock on wood).

    My cross bike has disk wheels (cheap and heavy) and I was wondering if it makes sense to replace them with a tubeless system, and have those wheels stay with me as I upgrade the bike over time. I've done this with hand built wheels on my road bikes where both bikes have since been replaced but the wheels have remained. I think it makes sense as most new bikes come with cheap I never have to worry about the (lack of) quality of the wheels on a new bike. My cross bike is a Norco CCX 2. I use this bike on gravel roads, dirt double track trails, and in the winter. I want to buy wheels for it that will also work with an eventual upgrade. I would probably buy another cross-style bike, though I may want something not intended for cross (not as high a bottom bracket drop).

    Any recommendations for disk wheels that are tubeless, low maintenance, and good for my riding conditions (above) and my weight (140pounds)? Plus, what else would I want to consider?


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    I would recommend the Velocity A23, it is tubeless ready, reasonably light and very strong. I weigh 200lbs and have mountain biked on mine as well as them seeing my daily commute of dirt and failing pavement and they are still holding great. They are wider than most road rims at 23mm wide which gives you some extra volume for a better ride but they are still capable of working with 23mm wide tires if you ever want to move them to a road bike. Since you are already disc that helps with the eventual upgrade since most bikes will be going that direction soon.

    Hubs depend on budget but there are lots of good ones out there right now.

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