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    New Tricross, need help with choosing 2nd wheelset.

    Hey, thanks in advance for any feedback.

    Just picked up a 2014 Tricross Sport....It's replacing a Bianchi San Jose with an 8 speed internal hub.

    I want to have 2 sets of wheels/tires so I can easily run a road tire (the stock tires are pretty geared towards road) and knobbies. My goals include starting to race as well as getting on some pretty rough trails.

    What do I look for in a wheelset other than making sure it's for disk brake bikes? I'm a little confused on hub compatibility. I want to go for low end as my budget is pretty tight. Should I have the better wheels for the road and commuting or off road.

    Thanks so much, I'm loving this bike.

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    If you have the Sport Disc model, I believe the default tire is the Borough Armadillo Elite 700x32. A very good, light, puncture-proof tire. Although they excel on road and would be ok on most any surface, I think they're not ideal for trails and gravel.

    Since I ride more hard pack and loose gravel, I went with the slightly wider 700x38 Hemisphere Armadillo for my Tricross. I did sacrifice some weight, but I got back better stability, traction, and ride comfort on gravel without loss of rolling resistance when on the road.
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