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    My daughters new bike

    Well I guess it is not really new but it might as well be.Got my little girl a bike at the local goodwill store.I looks just like new except a small nick in the seat.I know that it is not a Trek or Giant or anything like that but it is a road bike and it has got to be better on the road for her.It is a Huffy.It is all in pastel green and blue.Big spoungy handle bars.White tires (which I think she will be changing before to long as they are weather checked)10 speeds.She is just in love with it.Oh yea just so no one thinks I got shafted I gave $4.50 for it.
    She wanted to ride it yesterday but I want to go over it and check it out really good.I have been looking at this bike now for months and finnally decided that I had better get it now since the weather is starting to get nice again.I would love to send in pictures but am not able to right now.
    I want to say it is an early to mid 80's bike but it has been inside somewhere.I say that cause the seat is still soft and pliable.
    Any way thought I would share.
    Rick G
    Me, Raleigh Grand sport
    wife, Huffy 10 speed
    1st step son, schwinn continental
    2nd step son, schwinn Varsity
    3rd step son, Peugeot c105
    Daughter, Huffy girls 10 speed
    Son, mostly rides in a trailer

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    It's a good starter bike, but be careful if she gets really into cycling with that bike because they were not made to do more then 3,000 miles without major problems. Be sure to take some tools with you on rides with her so you can fix problems on the road. If she does get really into cycling then later get her something she can really ride far without worries.

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