After riding thursday night and friday we were tired, my buddy Jay has the great idea of riding today too. We're just weekend wariors and not used to riding every day so we wanted it to be some sort of a recovery ride.

My kid has been fighting a stomach flu and after having an incident on yesterday's group ride (please don't ask) he decided to tag along. We took all the necessary precuations and off we went.

We selected a trail close to home that has a lot of sweet singletrack and lots of trails to choose. We went for the flatter trails infested by roots and ruts.

Took many pics and was surprised on how my kid's technique is coming along, he was ripping thru cornes at speed, riding the rooty single like a jedi and even attemped jumping stuff.

Pics (none of me off course)

Jumping contest

Guess that Pepe won, Jay got some air but the camera man missed the shots.

That's my passion hit for today, if you're a proud popa like me you know how I feel right now.