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    Child Seat or Trailer on a Folding Bike - Possible?


    My wife and I are looking to buy two 20" Dahon folders (not sure between the D7 or P8's)

    Does anyone know if I can hitch a child trailer to the 20" Dahon's and ride securely with the child?

    I'm guessing it wouldn't be the same as riding with a full size bike.

    Also, has anyone tried putting a child seat on the bike even though it's not recommended by most professionals?

    thanks - doody

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    I have a Downtube, not a Dahon, but the principle's the same.... I'm pretty sure it would pull a trailer safely, but I don't see myself putting a child seat on it (well, I couldn't on mine anyway, because of the rear suspension). Even if you could figure out a way to attach it, you'd screw up the foldability, and the consequences of failure are pretty great.
    Why not post in the Folding Bike section and see what the experts say?

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