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    new to cycling, need advice


    I am new to this forum and have been looking to get back into cycling after many years of being away. When I road in the past, it was mainly for the "fun of it". I have decided to get myself a new bike and get back into shape. I have been doing a little research into what brand and what kind of bike to start with. Well, I decided to go to my local bike shop and take a look around and ask some questions. After the sales person asked a few question, where I planed on riding, how often I planed on using my new bike, and what was my budget. He showed me a Trek 7200, the frame size was just right (17.5") so I took it for a test ride and fell in love with it. The only problem was it was a little out of my price range. I was trying to keep it under $300. The price he was asking for the 7200 was $379. I then asked if he had something a little less expensive, he mentioned the Trek 7100 for $299 (he did not have one in stock) and took out the sales book on Trek bikes and showed me what the differences where. He did not try to sell me the more expensive one; he seemed to be trying to work with me and my budget.

    I guest my question is, is 7200 for $80 more then the 7100 worth the money?

    I plan on riding on paved trails and streets, about 2 to 3 times a week. Any advice or comments would be a great help.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this some what lengthy post.


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    Going from the specs on their web site, the 7200 gets you better rims and drivetrain (crank and derailleurs). The 7100 has a more foregiving gear range if you prefer to ride at a relaxed pace.

    If you ride infrequently (3 times 30 minutes a week, say), I doubt you would feel much difference between the two.

    I suggest staying with 7200. If by the end of the year, you want more speed, you'll likely be considering somethiing > $700. In other words, save your cash for a much larger potential jump.

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